We provide all conference related services, from venue selection to conference planning, on-site management, post-conference settlement of payments, etc.
Our staff is fluent in English, and services include communication with overseas parties as well as related procedures including document preparation for inviting guest speakers from abroad.
Our extensive experience in hosting conferences outside of Japan ensures smooth planning and management internationally.

Track record of countries where conferences, workshops, and committee meetings, etc. were held:

Korea, China, US, UK, Italia, Australia, Austria, Canada, Greece, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, Germany, France, Vietnam, Portugal, Malaysia

Stage 1 (First step)

・Selection, proposal, reservation of venue
・Budget (draft) planning and management
・Preparation and management of work schedule

Stage 2 (Preparations)

・Document preparation (letter of request, intent, invitation, attendance list, etc.)
・Promotion tool creation (website, flyers, posters)
・Program and abstracts (collection of necessary documents including profile, abstract, proofreading, printing, delivery)
・Participant attendance and registering presentations
・Invitation procedures (request, notification)
・Accommodations and transportation
・Inquiry desk

Stage 3 (On-site)

・Staff arrangements including reception, guides, cloak, direction and so on
・Catering (reception party, etc.)
・Audio, visual, and lighting equipment
・Signboards, exhibits, etc.
・Operation manuals, scenario, etc.

Stage 4 (Post-conference)

・Settlement of payment
・Preparation and delivery of thank-you notes
・Proceedings publication